About the Brookside Woods Civic Association

Operations & Objectives of the BWCA


The Civic Association is composed of 6 board members including a President and various committee chairpersons. The membership dues are $100.00 per family per year. The Civic Association asks that ALL residents contribute to the Association because the funds are used for the benefit of the entire neighborhood.

We have a post office box address:

Brookside Woods Civic Association
P.O. Box 341042
Columbus, Ohio 43235


To promote the general welfare of Brookside Woods and it’s members. This objective is accomplished by giving special attention to public improvement and safety, encouraging activities to benefit residents, and creating unity among our members at the community level.

To conduct bi-monthly meetings in order to review duties and goals as directed by resolutions that may come before such meetings. To encourage participation of all members to achieve a better community.

Neighborhood Contacts

President: Dean Bruno

Secretary: Valerie Belkot
Email: secretary@brooksidewoods.org

Treasurer: Jim Kensinger
Email: treasurer@brooksidewoods.org

Parks: Mike Harnett
Email: parks@brooksidewoods.org

Block Watch: Lisa Jolley

Far North West Coordinator: Jacob Hover
Email: fnwc@brooksidewoods.org

Garage Sale: Brian Gianangeli
Email: garagesale@brooksidewoods.org